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Newnan “City of Homes” is one of the many suburbs just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Newnan’s residents number around 37,000 giving the area a very suburban atmosphere. The city of homes earned its name in the late 19th century when industries in the area made Newnan one of the wealthiest cities in the country. With all of this wealth, residents built beautiful new antebellum homes in the late 1800s, and this small town became known as “The City of Homes”. While not many antebellum homes are being built, new custom homes are being constructed in Newnan today! Home builders in Newnan get the benefit of living in a charming small town, shopping in the historic downtown district, and having a commute of only 40 minutes to Atlanta.

Families may choose to enroll their children in the Coweta County School System, one of the four private schools, or one of the charter schools in the area. Newnan is also home to the University of West Georgia Newnan. There are a variety of cultural and educational experiences available to those who build their homes here. Newnan is the county seat of Coweta County, and the courthouse is the spot for the famous murder trial of John Wallace. Museums in the area include the Coweta County African American Heritage museum, ChildrenConnect, Coweta County Genealogical Society, and the McRitchie Hollis museum. These museums as well as a number of group and/or self guided tours of the beautiful houses in one or all of the six historic districts offer plenty of opportunities for people of all ages to learn about and enjoy the history of Newnan, her state, and the nation as a whole.

Families build more than a home in Newnan, you are building a life. In Newnan, you have the benefit of living in one of the most diverse cities in Georgia, #22 to be exact. The public schools have high rankings and there are plenty of private and charter school options as well. The short commute to Atlanta provides the opportunity to work in the city, take weekend trips, etc and still come home to a quiet and small town community. If Newnan is your idea of the perfect city, Hughston Homes is ready to build the perfect home for you to go with it. A custom new construction home will add your own personal style and addition to this “City of Homes”.