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It’s no secret that we are in the age of rapid technological advancement. In the last two decades we’ve seen the invention of the iPhone, the spread of video calling (which, during the COVID-19 pandemic has skyrocketed in popularity), the unprecedented availability of information through Google and its subsidiaries, and the connectedness that Facebook has brought to the entire world.

Home construction has also undergone significant change. One of these changes is the creation of “smart” homes.

A smart home is a house that a homeowner can maintain via a smartphone through internet connection. This means that appliances and devices within the home can be controlled whether the homeowner is inside the house or 1,000 miles away.

Home construction has also undergone significant change. One of these changes is the creation of “smart” homes.

Benefits of Owning a Smart Home

Enhanced Security

Smart homes come standard with high quality camera systems that connect to your phone in real time. Homeowners can see who is at their front door, in their backyard, driveway or elsewhere while away from home. They can monitor those inside the home while away or in a different room; this is especially helpful for young families monitoring sleeping babies and toddlers.

Not only can you access your home cameras on your phone with a smart home, but you can also lock and unlock your doors from anywhere.

Energy Efficiency

With a smart home you can change the thermostat at any time from anywhere. 

Homeowners not only can change the thermostat whenever they want. They can also set schedules for their home. If you work away from home from nine to five Mondays through Fridays, there is no need for your air conditioning unit to run all day without anyone there to enjoy its benefits. 

In a normal home in order to save money and energy, you would have to turn up the thermostat on the wall just before leaving each day. However, when you get home, the house would likely be hot and humid. 

With a smart home, though, you could set the thermostat to turn off just after you leave the house each day and to start back up 30 minutes before you return so that your home is the perfect temperature for your return.

Not only can homeowners save money with greater control over the home thermostat, but they also can control the home lights system from the touch of a button.

Maximized Entertainment

Smart homes give homeowners unmatched control in maximizing the entertainment experience of your home. Whether you are watching a movie with the family, hosting a watch party for the big game, or enjoying a relaxed night of reading, smart home features allow you to control your home’s sound all from your phone.

Our pairing capabilities allow you to pair several different devices and speakers together for the ultimate entertainment experience.

Hughston Homes wants our homebuyers to have the most enjoyable living experience possible. Ask about our smart homes and take control of every aspect of your home.

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