While Knoxville is known as a bustling college town, its also a great home if you’re looking to move for a new job, a new adventure, or just to relocate. Here are 5 of the best things about living in Knoxville, TN. 

Low Cost of Living

When moving into a metropolitan area, things can add up fairly quickly. From amenities to real estate and providing for yourself all together, life can get expensive. There are bills to pay, groceries to buy and public transportation to pay for. The cost of living in Knoxville is 15 % lower than that of the national average. With Knoxville’s cost of living being low while also maintaining a fun and entertaining atmosphere, it makes it the perfect place to find your new home, along with providing a balance of work and play. You don’t have to sacrifice entertainment or how you decide to live. 

The low cost of living opens the door to more possibilities in more places in town.  You can live in the area of town you want to, without breaking the bank or blowing a budget in communities such as Hardin Valley Heights and Hamilton Farms. You can have a dream home that will be part of your family for years down the road and prepare you for the future you desire.

Job Market & Low Unemployment Rates

The job market in Knoxville caters to everyone, offering jobs in education at all levels, government, healthcare, and medical. Job opportunity allows people to enter into the city’s job market and expand on their experience while also exploring new possibilities within their field. Knoxville is a great place to live because it provides jobs for different people with different interests. Knoxville’s job market provides a place to settle down but also keeps things moving careerwise. There is a large young professional population in Knoxville, but the job market is also home to those who have stuck around for a while. Having both of these populations demonstrates growth in the job market and the city, but also shows consistency and opportunity within the market. Consistency in the job market is further demonstrated in the low unemployment rate in the city.

Whether it's finding a place to cheer on the Volunteers or hang out with your co-workers after leaving the office, there is a spot for everyone and everything.

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Knoxville is a great place to buy or build a new home. With a variety of possibilities in entertainment, the opportunity for a weekend getaway and a secure job market, settling down here is a great idea. Moving into a new city can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure you have the right people by your side and you’ll do just fine. 

Metro Feel

Knoxville offers things to do for every person. There are parks, farmer’s markets, restaurants, historic places and niches all around the city. Different parts of Knoxville can cater to individuals’ specific interests and hobbies. Whether it’s finding a place to cheer on the Volunteers or hang out with your co-workers after leaving the office, there is a spot for everyone and everything. If you’re a history buff, there are over 100 places listed on the historical registry.  You can visit Market Square, Marble Springs State House or visit the site of the World Games. While Knoxville may have the entertainment district of a large metro area, there is a sense of community cultivated through the provision of a unique gathering place and fun pockets of entertainment. 

Easy Living

The idea of easy living resonates throughout all parts of Knoxville. This city provides a slower paced city environment while also allowing a weekend escape. Knoxville is located below the Smokey Mountains, allowing for a peaceful retreat from the metro area and for residents of the town to be refreshed and revitalized. Having access to both the city and the outskirts can be a great place for you to settle down, as it has the potential to decrease burnout and allow you to see a beautiful part of the United States. Individuals have space to get away, get into nature and take a step back from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

Well Connected

With McGhee Tyson Airport and close proximity to other major cities, living in Knoxville can make travel, whether personal or for business accessible. Take a day trip to Lexington in Kentucky or Atlanta in Georgia. Wherever you go, you’ll always end up on the road back home.