Here are a few things to consider when moving to Columbus, Georgia and trying to decide whether to build a house or buy a house.


For most, affordability is the biggest factor when it comes to building or buying a house. There is no single “cheap” option, but each has its pros and cons in this category


When building your own house, you will likely have little room to negotiate price with contractors and builders because their costs are relatively fixed. However, for many homeowners, what they sacrifice in the short term on price is gained in the long run. When building a new house you will be able to choose a design that is more energy efficient than if you were to buy an older home Your builder will also use materials that are more efficient as well. This will pay dividends in years to come on heating, air, and electric bills


There is a much greater amount of wiggle room when it comes to price when buying an existing home than there is when building a home. Because material and labor costs have already been covered, someone looking for a new home has only one person to pay, the current homeowner. With 89% of buyers hiring a real estate agent or broker, a home buyer can count on a seasoned professional to bring the price down a reasonable amount before closing the deal.


Repairs and Additions

Home repairs can be one of the most annoying and costly setbacks for a homeowner that there is. So, when deciding whether or not to buy a house or to build a house, a potential homeowner needs to consider the history of repairs along with the likelihood and frequency of them.



Building a home has the clear advantage in this category. Because a homeowner has much greater control over all the decisions surrounding the construction of a home he or she will be able to ensure that what is being built is being built to last. Home builders also reap the benefit of amenities that have not deteriorated over time as happens naturally with existing homes. This will save the homeowner money and peace of mind for several years after the house is constructed. Not only does building a house save the homeowner money from preventing repairs, it also saves money by preventing the copious costs of additions and remodels. Builders are able to specify exactly what they want or they can choose from floorplan options that cater to their every need.


Repairs come with the territory of owning a home. However, a well-constructed house is built to stand the test and trials of time. So, when buying an existing home, one should do his or her due diligence and ask questions about how and when the home was constructed, what materials have been used, the history of repairs and additions to the house, and any other pertinent questions about the structure itself. It may seem to be a meticulous task while performing the due diligence process, but you, your bank account, and your sanity will thank you for years to come.

It may seem to be a meticulous task while performing the due diligence process, but you, your bank account, and your sanity will thank you for years to come.

Choosing Where You Want to Live

A career, an education, and the location of family will likely decide the city in which a homeowner will live, but not the specific community within that city. For residents of Columbus there is significant freedom of choice in landing on a community whether you want to build a house or buy a house. 


If a potential homeowner is looking to live in an area of town that has a less developed real estate market, then he or she will have more choice in where to live than if they were to buy an existing house. In Columbus, Georgia there are several communities in which builders can build their dream homes in the exact location that they please.


When looking to live in a real estate market that is mature, a homebuyer will have more choice of where to live in buying an existing home than he or she would in building. This is because there simply is not as much land available to build on compared to land with houses already on it.

At the end of the day, both building a house and buying a house in Columbus can give a homebuyer exactly what they want. Homebuyers and builders simply have to determine what they want and then decide on building or buying a home. Contact Hughston Homes to help you choose the option that’s best for you!

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