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Since COVID-19 hit the United States with its full force, things have not been the same and the housing market is anything but an exception to these changes.

Now that homebuyers feel enough security to purchase a home after such a long time under severe economic uncertainty, the housing market is struggling to keep up with the demand for homes.

One way that Hughston Homes is working to meet that demand is by building our new construction homes on a schedule. 

Whether you are buying a new home in our new construction communities of Wyndham Village in Opelika, AL, Juliette Crossing in Forsyth, GA, Drayton Farms in Senoia, GA, Wind River in Kathleen, GA, Quaker Knoll in Grovetown, GA, Wimberly Station in Auburn, AL, Parkside Estates in Sharpsburg, GA, Tivoli Place in Macon, GA, or Heiferhorn Farms in Columbus, GA, our home building schedules will benefit you.

Here are a few reasons why:


Hard Move-In Date

Too often we hear of contractors extending the end date of a project weeks and even months past the original completion date. We hate that.

We work on a schedule and get our homes finished within that schedule so that you can spend less time adjusting furniture delivery dates, move-in dates, etc. and spend more time actually getting ready for move-in day.

When you build with Hughston Homes, you will likely have significantly more assurance of a timely build than if you were to build with another builder.

I just recently closed on my new home last Friday. Hughston Homes helped me get through a process I wasn't really familiar with at all. They made the entire process easy and they were extremely helpful with any questions or concerns I had.

Damion Washington, Homebuyer

Access to Our Experienced Team of Realtors, Designers, and Contractors

By buying a home in a new construction neighborhood from Hughston Homes, you have access to the vast resources that we have to offer. All of our professional team members work with you to help you understand what all will be included in the construction schedule–pricing, floor plans and accessories included in your purchase, neighborhood information, etc.–and when that completion date will be.

Our team of realtors has decades of experience in working with clients in Georgia and Alabama to help them make the purchase of their dreams. 

They know that purchasing a home can be a scary endeavor. With our team, you can rest easy knowing that we are not here to play money tricks or games with you, but we are here to serve you.

Because of our solid relationships with suppliers and vendors, we are able to assure homebuyers that we will not include any escalation clauses in our contracts. We also can ensure potential buyers that they will be protected from bidding wars with other interested buyers. 

No bidding wars with Hughston Homes!

Our design team is also waiting to serve you, and with our vast collection of floor plans you can easily find a new home design that fits your family’s needs and lifestyle.

When building a home on a schedule, you need to know that those constructing your home know what they are doing (we have all heard of horror stories of contractors doing poor work). If you want to check the quality of a Hughston Homes build, just check out one of our numerous previous builds in our new construction communities in your area.

The construction team at Hughston Homes has built thousands of new construction homes on a schedule.

We have the process down to a science, so you can sit back and watch your home come together with little stress.

If you are looking to build your new home and want the benefits of building on a schedule, contact Hughston Homes and let us get started on your new home today!

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