Custom Homes in Knoxville, TN

Knoxville, Tennessee has a lot to offer- it is affordable, increasing in population, and hosts a lively community. The cost of living is reasonable, and below the national average as they score an 85/100, 100 being the average cost of living in a city. In the last ten years, they have steadily increased with roughly 5,000 new residents every year. Knox County is packed full of an array of options when it comes to food, culture, social interests, and overall sense of adventure brought to life by the community.


East Tennessee is known for its beautiful location nestled in one of the most remarkable national parks, the Smoky Mountains. In addition to this breathtaking national park, the whole Knoxville area is filled with lakes, rivers, hiking trails, preservation areas, and multiple nature centers.

This is a perfect area for those who love the outdoors, as well as the people looking to get out of the city for a weekend getaway. 

The mountain charm is an ever-present and comforting feeling, but if you’re looking for more adventure in the city, Knoxville has more than enough to offer. For families, young adults, and retirees, there are endless options on how to spend your day. Day time attractions like the Knoxville Zoo, Knoxville Museum of Arts, World’s Fair Park, and Knoxville Muse are perfect for kids and adults alike. 


There is entertainment and interests fit for people of all ages and walks of life. The music scene is flourishing with festivals every month, and a handful of colorful venues such as The Concourse, Open Chord Stage, and Laurel Theatre to name a few.

The food is another notable hallmark of the greater Knox County area, with selections from every variety of cuisine, but most recognized for their incredible southern foods and barbecue. 

For families, young adults, and retirees, there are endless options on how to spend your day. Day time attractions like the Knoxville Zoo, Knoxville Museum of Arts, World’s Fair Park, and Knoxville Muse are perfect for kids and adults alike.


Knoxville is recognized for its peaceful, close knit, and supportive local communities. With the emergence of affordable custom construction plans offered in the greater Knox County area, this wonderful community continues to develop.

The lively Knoxville Market Square, is a community center that has been a hub to the Knoxville community since the 1860’s. It is filled with shops, restaurants, farmer’s market, cafes, bars, ice skating, outdoor concerts and movies, and much more! 

This area has been complimented by a renovated downtown area which presents a rustic, yet refined atmosphere. The community comes to life in this area daily, and during the football season, attracts many Tennessee Volunteer fans from the nearby Neyland Stadium. The sports community is very involved and present, as many people in the area support local businesses, attractions, and sports. This is shown through the packed restaurants, streets, and bars on gameday and almost everyone is wearing a Tennessee Volunteers jersey.

Hughston Homes provides new, custom, and affordable homes in communities such as Chesney Hills, Dutchtown Woods, Hardin Valley Heights, New Castle, and Pepper Ridge. With this variety of community locations, homeowners can determine which locations best fit their interests.

For example, in the Hardin Valley Heights area, it provides access to the prominent Cedar Bluff and Hardin Valley school districts, while the Dutchtown Woods community homes offer easy access to the Turkey Creek area with amenities, convenience, and close proximity to shopping areas. Hughston Homes offers an array of craftsman style homes in all of the notable communities in the Knoxville area. 

Education and Resources

The increase in new construction communities, homes and neighborhoods have been equally fit with great elementary, middle, and high school options in the area. The Knoxville area education system also provides some great college and trade career opportunities such as the University of Tennessee, Maryville College, Carson-Newman University, and Johnson University, to name a few. 

Educational resources in the Knox County area provide people of all ages with the tools and the accessibility to grow and apply their knowledge. The Muse Knoxville is perfect for children and teens to play and learn hands on through unique learning kits and interactive activities to make education fun!

Resources for higher level education are available through Diebold Higher Education Resource Center,  the colleges listed above, and libraries throughout the city. This provides easy access to education and learning resources for communities throughout the City of Knoxville.

For anyone considering moving to the Knoxville metropolitan area, be sure to consider buying new construction close to these amenities.

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