Knoxville, Tennessee home to the TN Vols is the largest city in East Tennessee and the third largest in the entire state. Over 178,000 residents in Knoxville enjoy affordable housing and healthcare that are below the national average costs. Home builders in Knoxville also have the benefit of easy access to downtown city entertainment as well as enjoying the great outdoors. Knoxville is a waterfront city in a valley between two mountain ranges. There are many rivers, lakes, quarries, flower covered fields, and numerous activities for each just minutes from downtown Knoxville. Downtown there are several museums, lounges, unique activities such as axe throwing and glass blowing, sports/music/community events, and performing arts centers. Whether you imagine your dream home built in the city or out in nature, Knoxville provides the opportunity for either one or something in between.

Compared to other metros, Knoxville is quite affordable. Annual housing costs are below the national average, and it has many other benefits that similar cities do not. Knoxville has convenient access to major highways that connect to Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, and more. Children attend one of the 44 public schools or 65 private schools in the area. Five high schools earned a place in the best high schools list on USNews and World Report. The area also has four colleges/universities, the most famous being the University of Tennessee. The city of Knoxville provides families the opportunity to settle down and build their forever home. The new home you build now according to your customizations can be enjoyed by your family for generations to come.

Knoxville is among the top fifty of USNews and World Report’s best places to live and is number thirteen for the best places to retire. The city of Knoxville is perfect for homebuilders of every stage in life. It gives residents the best of both worlds– city and nature. It’s affordable, livable, and a desirable place to live and retire. However, if you feel like something’s missing it could just be that the home you’ve always dreamed of isn’t there yet. If Knoxville is your dream city, you’ll want your dream home to go with it! Whether you are a current or future resident of Knoxville, make this metro truly feel like home with a custom new construction house by Hughston Homes.