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When it comes to building a home, there is an obvious reason why you don’t personally build a home yourself – most people don’t have the experience necessary to build a home from the ground up. Home building is an effort that requires a significant amount of planning, knowledge, and craftsmanship, and building a home the way a customer wants it requires listening, communication, patience, and attention to detail. It’s these ideas why you will be better served with an experienced home builder as opposed to a general contractor or new construction company.


While most people are able to wrap their minds around the home building planning process on a large scale, the individual details make new home construction a much more detailed process that people may initially understand. A good home building company will be able to forecast pricing of raw materials and communicated the otherwise “unexpected” costs to potential buyers. A good home builder will be able to look at an individual plot of land and identify what needs to be done for solid construction. A good home builder will be able to plan the entire process from start to finish and give a move-in date to any new buyer.

Knowledge & Craftsmanship

Cutting a piece of wood with a saw isn’t very complicated work. Cutting a perfectly square piece of wood 1000 times in a row is incredibly complicated work. Not every craftsman produces the same quality of work, and a good home builder will be able to clearly communicate what makes their product better than others. Whether that’s knowledge of how to use raw materials, anticipating customer needs before they ask, or otherwise simply being better with their hands – a good home building company will have a certain level of knowledge & craftsmanship that separates them from their competitors.


Communication is the #1 thing that we at Hughston Homes emphasize more than any other individual part of the home-building process. Whether it’s a general process of managing expectations, listening to what a customer actually wants & needs, and otherwise ensuring that a customer feels “heard,” a good home builder is able to clearly communicate with a customer.

Attention to Detail

The final punch list and wrap-up process of finishing a home requires more attention to detail than most people understand until they’ve moved into a home or building that is “incomplete.” On the surface, and oftentimes during a walkthrough of a new home, a potential home buyer is looking at the big picture, not the individual details like the crown molding, door stops behind every door, clean countertops, and more. A good home builder is able to handle these details for the customer before moving in, regardless of if the customer notices them or not.

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