Why You Should Build Rather than Buy

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When looking for a new home and deciding between buying and building, homeowners have a tough decision to make. There are multiple factors that contribute to this decision whether it be time, money, appliance, or needs. 


Why you should build your home rather than buy it.

When it comes down to it, there are two options potential homeowners have to look into. Buying a previously existing home or building a new one. Each one comes with it own set of decisions that can be overwhelming to the individuals making the decision. You have to do your research on both ends and decides 


Building a home

Building your dream home can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. Buyers get to design and watch their visions come to life. But, with this, there is a long road of decision making and expenses that come their way in order to make it happen.


The pros of building a home are that you get EXACTLY what you want when creating your home. You can design everything from the inside out and make sure that its exactly what you want. You can choose the colors, the flooring, the layout, and where you want to build by searching for the right lot.  


Another pro is that your home is more likely to match up with building codes and be more energy efficient. Being built when you’re ready for a new home means that it meets the most recent codes for building and will be up-to-date for longer and will not have to be modified, which could happen if you decide to buy.


The repair, renovation and upgrade costs will be cut down because the home is brand new along with its supplies and appliances. You won’t have to buy a house and then pay to upgrade it due to out-of-date technology or add-ons to a house that didnt meet all of your wants or needs for your new home. You wont have to fix old boards or flooring or repaint kitchen and bedrooms. It will be designed how you want it. 


When building a home, its not on the market, therefore, buyers don’t have to worry about competing with other people in the home search. When you buy the lot and build the home, its yours!


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Buying a home

When looking deeper into buying, there are some pros. Move-in time is shorter, pricing and negotiations can be more flexible, and landscaping is easier.The process can be a bit quicker. But in regards to design, model and style, buyers often don’t have much of a say and risk compromising what they want to stay within their budget or location

There are also some cons to buying a house. One most potential buyers face is having to compromise on multiple things they desire in a home due to budget. You have to pick and chose what amenities you want in your house and that can lead to renovations that will have additional costs. This can consist of updates and additions in rooms or to the house as a whole.


Another con is age and out-of-date appliances. These appliances may have to be replaced and updated in order to meet the expectations and desires of the buyers expectations. This can tack on additional costs and also add more decisions and stress to the buyers plate. 


Building a home gets you the results you want and allows for security in your purchase. It also ensures that you will get your dream home without having to settle, compromise or completely redesign and bought home. You get to have a say in all of the designs and the floorplans, the colors and the style, and all of your hardwork makes the time put into it so worth it once you get to step inside and start a life and make memories in your own. These decisions can be difficult, so make sure you have the right team on your side.

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