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About Hughston Homes

Who We Are

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Where your dreams meet your perfect home.

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Where smart home automation elevates everyday living.

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We don’t just build homes, we build relationships.

Where You'll Find Us

With communities across Georgia and Alabama, you can find a Hughston Homes nestled in the hearts of vibrant communities. Where communities thrive and life unfolds.  Our locations are carefully chosen to offer convenience, accessibility, and a sense of belonging.

Whether its a lively downtown district or a peaceful countryside retreat, you discover our homes where life happens, where memories are made, and where you’ll find the perfect place to call home.

The Hughston Homes Story

Half a century ago, Edgar Hughston established Hughston Homes Builders in Columbus, Georgia with the goal of helping local families achieve their dreams of new homeownership. In 2002, Jack Hughston joined his father with the same intense passion and goals in mind.

From this humble beginning, fast forward over half-a-century of significant expansion and growth, and Hughston Homes is an Employee Owned company (ESOP) building brand new homes in several prime Georgia and Alabama locations.

In 2021, Hughston Homes proudly announced the completion of a transaction to become 100% Employee-Owned through its newly formed Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The secret news was announced to Hughston’s employees by President Richie Eubanks at their monthly corporate meeting. Eubanks began by asking what commonality Hughston Homes had with Publix, joking that it wasn’t just the shared brand color “green” before revealing that the employees were the new owners.

Jack Hughston Richie Eubanks Edgar Hughston Hughston Homes Home Builder

From right: Edgar Hughston, Richie Eubanks, Jack Hughston

“Since Hughston Homes’ formation in 1972, the company’s philosophy has been to empower its employees to treat the company as if it were their personal franchise, to build the best possible home, and to provide a first-class homeownership experience to our Hughston Homes Family. I am extremely pleased that after nearly half a century, Edgar’s passionate work has turned his dream into a reality. Our hard-working employees now have an opportunity to accumulate financial well-being not only through compensation but now through our ESOP as well. Equally, our buyers can now have an increased level of assurance that Hughston homes will be here for their new home needs well into the future… Congratulations to all!” said Eubanks.

Jack Hughston, son of Mr. Edgar and key contributor to Hughston Homes’ successes, stood proudly next to his father Edgar while speaking to the surprised employees after the announcement.

“We have a bunch of great people with great talent. We worked really hard to find an option that would allow us to keep our company how it is AND take it to the next level,” said Jack.

“To have this take place is unbelievable…for you all to be able to own it and I still get to work here! Please don’t fire me…” laughed Edgar. “I didn’t want to sell Hughston Homes to another builder and have them change the name, or quality of home, or anything like that. This is great for all of you.”

Hughston Homes was advised by Steve James, President and CEO of SCJ Fiduciary Services who specializes in employee-ownership transactions. Appointed trustee to the newly created ESOP, James’ goal is to secure a sustainable future for Hughston Homes in a manner that is highly beneficial to its employees while allowing room for excelling even faster.

“This is worth celebrating. With a strong and unique company like Hughston Homes, employee ownership is a true win/win transaction for all parties involved. I am super excited to be part of Hughston Homes’ future growth,” said Steve.

Edgar and Jack have proven to us all that when careers are built on passion, the opportunities for true fulfillment and longevity are plentiful. As a result, we make no apologies for setting high standards and our homes whole-heartedly demonstrate this.

Our Team

Only as Good As Our People

We invest in extraordinary humans who are dedicated to improving personally and professionally every single day. Each and every one of us feels that it is our moral obligation to provide a seamless path to Hughston Home Ownership.


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Welcome Home

We build families, not just homes. That's the #HughstonHomesFamily difference.

Every day, a new family makes their dream a reality with Hughston Homes. For nearly half a century, we’ve built a reputation for quality and speed. Our trusted relationships with vendors and suppliers ensure your personalized home is completed on time and on budget.

Hughston Homes understands staying ahead of the curve. What others call upgrades, we consider standard features, including smart home technology and energy-efficient materials. With a vast library of plans and a dedicated design team, we’ll work hand-in-hand to turn your vision into your dream home. It’s easy to choose Hughston Homes as your builder!