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When choosing a new home you have many decisions to make. 

What new home plan will I choose?

Will I build or buy?

To what part of town will we move?

These questions are vitally important, but one of the pressing questions of today’s East Alabama and Georgia housing market is, “Will I move into a neighborhood that has been around for years or will I move into a new construction neighborhood?

With all of the economic development that the Southeast United States is seeing, new construction neighborhoods are rising up everywhere you turn. So, are these neighborhoods worth moving into? Do they truly live up to the hype?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of moving into one of these neighborhoods.

“Will I move into a neighborhood that has been around for years or will I move into a new construction neighborhood?”

Modern Amenities

One of the most common problems with buying an older home is having to update the appliances and interior construction. New construction neighborhoods are populated with homes that have top of the line appliances. 

Not only do the homes have modern conveniences, but the neighborhoods are equipped with amenities that cater to you and because these neighborhoods are typically built after a metropolitan area has developed significantly they are strategically located near schools, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, movie theaters, and more. 

Brand New Landscaping

As the naturalist John Muir stated, everybody needs beauty.

Many times neighborhoods are constructed without attention to detail, especially in the landscaping that they have.

New construction neighborhoods come with beautiful green lawns constructed from freshly harvested sod. The flower beds around the home and in the neighborhood have plants that thrive in the local climate and bring a sense of natural beauty to the spectacular home.

Up to Date Home Styles

Many forms of architecture are timeless and their beauty transcends cultural trends.

Some architectural trends, however, are just, bad.

A simple drive through many neighborhoods developed in the 80’s or 90’s will reveal that.

When buying a home in one of our new construction neighborhoods, you are assured that the architectural style will be one that is sure to please the modern eye.

Our modern styles often include rustic wooden beams and shutters to accent the color of your home. They also consistently include elegantly crafted stone features to make you and your guests look in admiration of your home.

Many of our homes in these neighborhoods are also often outfitted with welcoming front porches and cozy back porches, perfect to host a party to watch the big game.

If you are looking for amenities that are top of the line, beautiful landscaping, and home architecture that is up to date and suited for you and your family, a home in a new construction neighborhood may be for you. Contact Hughston Homes today and learn how we can help you find the perfect home!

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