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Whether you and your family want to build your dream home or just need more space, one of the more grueling processes of new construction is waiting. Thankfully, new home builders like Hughston Homes in Alabama and Georgia understand the frustrations that come with finding new construction that fits your unique needs and offer quick move-in homes for that reason. 

What is a Quick Move-In Home?

Quick move-in homes are homes that are either complete or are already in the process of being built. Often these homes have many names in the building industry such as quick delivery homes, inventory homes, move-in ready homes, or spec homes. Yet, they are commonly known as quick move-in homes or “QMI” homes. 

Depending on construction delays and how far builders are into the building process, quick move-in homes can be available in as little as 90 days. 

The Benefits of a Quick Move-In Home

If you are a potential new home buyer in Alabama and Georgia, it can be hard to decide on what route of new construction to take. Here are a few benefits to quick move-in homes from the experienced new construction builders at Hughston Homes. 

1. Shorter Wait Periods

As mentioned previously, one of the greatest benefits of quick move-in homes is exactly what the name implies–they are extremely quick. Compared to the 12+ months that traditional new construction can take, quick move-in homes can take as little as 90 days for you and your family to move in. 

Hughston Homes offers new construction in Alabama and Georgia that typically takes roughly 120 to 150 days to complete. 

2. Locked-In Rates

From weather to building delays, new construction is not only time-consuming but can often be a lot more expensive than your initial investment. A major benefit to quick move-in homes is the removal of any added expenses or variability. While construction delays can still happen, they are often rare as your home is either completed or close to completion. 

3. Peace of Mind

Instead of having to find an older home with good plumbing or that’s in the perfect location, quick move-in homes are homes that provide the peace of mind that comes with professional new construction. 

Also, instead of searching for months for the perfect home in your perfect location, quick move-in homes are available across Alabama and Georgia that cater to not only your specific needs but also your unique desires. 

Hughston Homes offers a vast new construction library so you can find your perfect home today!

The Difference With Hughston Homes

With years of experience, streamlined systems, and exclusive modern technology Hughston Homes offers quick move-in homes that offer shorter wait periods, locked-in rates, and peace of mind. If you are looking to start your quick move-in home process in Alabama and Georgia contact the new construction experts at Hughston Homes today!