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After the huge surge in demand for new construction in Georgia due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia’s real estate market is leveling out a bit. However, many industry experts envision the number of new construction homes for sale to increase this year, especially as current homeowners look to move. 

Benefits of new construction in Georgia like up-to-date floor plans, home warranties, and the convenience of being move-in ready are driving the demand for new construction in Georgia. Depending on what’s important for you and your unique lifestyle, the advantages of new construction may drive you to choose to build rather than buy.

Modern Floor Plans and Designs for How You Live  

Unlike the floral wallpaper, shag carpet, or strange-colored bathrooms that you would likely have to change in a pre-owned home, working with a new home builder gives you the opportunity to show off your personal style without any unnecessary work.  

With many floor plans and design options to choose from, new construction offers a ton of modularity for you to create your dream home. Whether you choose an open floor plan to host parties in or a comfier layout to encourage quality time, each choice you make will model the preferences you have. 

All new construction homes from Hughston Homes come with the comfort and safety of being a smart home as well. The technology behind smart homes allows homeowners to automate appliances, temperature, lights, music, blinds, locks, cameras, and many other gadgets with ease. 

The Protection of a Home Warranty

Much like any warranty you may have, a new home warranty covers the costs of service to certain systems if it fails unexpectedly due to defects or some other related issue during the warranty period. While the price of your warranty will vary depending on its coverage, it can bring a lot of peace to any new homebuyer. 

Hughston Homes includes a 1-year limited warranty and customer care guarantee to all new construction buyers. Our warranty covers any concerns about things breaking or failing as soon as you move in. See our blog page for more information on the benefits of home warranties

The Convenience of Move-In Ready 

A lot of new construction neighborhoods have quick move-in homes that have either partially or fully completed construction, and will typically be ready for you to occupy quickly after purchase. 

Whether you’re on a strict schedule or looking to move in the next few years, quick move-in homes are a great option for any homebuyer who doesn’t want to go through the whole building process. Ultimately, you can trust everything will be updated, energy-efficient, safe, and move-in ready whenever you are. 

New Construction With Hughston Homes

Hughston Homes knows new construction is more than just building a house. We are building places that you and your family will call, “Home.” With neighborhoods in Columbus, Harris County, Augusta, Houston County, Newnan, and across Georgia, we believe that when you buy from Hughston Homes, you are not only investing in your own home but also investing in a community. 

We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect home plan, home site, and community that aligns with your unique circumstances. We understand that buying a new home in Georgia is a huge decision and want to help you every step of the way. Contact us today!

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