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Hughston Homes is building and selling numerous new construction homes in communities throughout Alabama and Georgia and the way the market is right now, we are finding it difficult to keep homes on the market.

This means that buyers are eager to find, purchase, and move into their new construction homes making “quick move in home” skyrocket in popularity.

Quick Move-in Homes Are New Construction

With new construction homes, you have the benefit of being the first resident of your home. That means no stains on the carpet, no risk of buying a home that has smoke or other unappealing smells seeped into the walls, and no holes in the walls or scratches on the floor.

With our new construction, quick move-in homes you’ll have access to some of the latest in smart home technology.

Quick move-in homes are affordable, ready when you are, and able to be toured before you purchase them.

You Can Tour Quick Move-in Homes

Home buyers are able to look and see what they like and dislike about prebuilt homes, but with new construction homes, a buyer has to commit to the home before he or she ever sees what it actually looks like.

With Hughston Homes’ quick move-in homes, you are able to tour a model home that we have set up within our new construction neighborhoods. This will give you as a potential home buyer a very real idea of what your new construction home will look like before you commit to paying for it.

Quick Move-in Homes Are Affordable

One of the things that gives us great pride in the work the we do at Hughston Homes is making it possible for people of many different backgrounds and social strata able to own a home that they love.

Weather you are working a temporary job in which you would like to make more money or if you are an executive with more money than you know what to do with, Hughston Homes has a quick move-in home that will fit your budget.

Quick Move-in Homes in Alabama & Georgia

Our work at Hughston Homes has expanded into multiple states with 7 new construction communities.

So, if you are a newly-hired professor at Auburn University and looking to buy a home, we have neighborhoods for you. If you are a native of the Columbus area, but are looking to move outside the city, our Heiferhorn Farms, Mulberry Crossing, and Oak Hill communities may just be your next neighborhood.

At Hughston Homes our new construction neighborhoods in Alabama and Georgia are filled with quick move-in homes that are affordable with available amenities, so that you don’t have to wait to move in for months after deciding which home you want to buy or build.

Contact Hughston Homes and let us help you find your new home today.