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The technology behind smart homes allows homeowners to automate appliances, temperature, lights, music, blinds, locks, and many other gadgets with ease. This incredible functionality can be accessed anywhere, from the comfort of your bedroom to a destination thousands of miles away.

With Hughston Homes’ smart home technology standard with every new construction home, our homeowners can be assured that their home is keeping up with our rapidly advancing technological world.

What are the Benefits to Home Automation?

  • Save energy
  • Provide comfort
  • Security
  • Entertainment

A Hughston Homes Smart Home Saves Energy

For many, the driving force behind building a smart home is the potential to save energy with automated heating and air conditioning systems.

These systems allow homeowners to not only set temperature with the touch of a button, but do it at any time and anywhere.

It even presents the ability to schedule when the heat or air turns on. So when you get home from work, your home is already at the perfect temperature. 

A Hughston Homes Smart Homes Provides Comfort

Along with saving energy, the ability to have appliances turn on exactly when and where you need them provides endless comfort. 

This can be as simple as smart lights that turn on when an alarm goes off, or music that begins to play as soon as you enter your home. A home should be as unique as you are, and a smart home can be that and more. 

A Hughston Homes Smart Home Increases Home Security

While you can use conventional alarm systems to protect your home, smart homes may offer extra security by way of connected lights, sensors, cameras, and even doorbells. 

With most cameras and doorbells controlled by an app, you are always able to see all angles of your home, and are alerted as soon as someone comes near it.  

In unison, this network of safety allows homeowners to protect their families and possessions constantly.

A Hughston Homes Smart Home Makes Entertaining Easy

Home automation also creates numerous opportunities for entertainment and leisure. 

Smart speakers can play music, control game consoles, give daily weather reports, and more. From hosting a party for the big game or having a date night, smart homes enhance every home adventure.

Why You Should Consider Building a Smart Home

By connecting everything on your smart home network to your phone, intelligent home design has never been easier. 

With an increase in safety, entertainment, comfort, and energy savings, home automation enhances every aspect of a home. 

Each Hughston Home build comes standard with smart home technologies. We integrate many of the technological parts of your home so that you can more easily control them. 

In order for everything to connect correctly it’s important to find homebuilders with precision as well as expert home designs. Hughston Homes takes pride in our team of highly trained certified new home specialists who are also licensed realtors.

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