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quick move-in homes

What is a Smart Home?

By Alabama, Blog
With the holiday season quickly approaching, life can get overwhelming. From family gatherings, meals with friends, gifts, shopping, and more–this season is about anything but convenience. So, when it comes to your home, why not have a haven of comfort and convenience to return to?  For decades, science fiction authors have explored the idea of home automation. From massive interactive structures to even chilling tales of rogue technology, owning a smart home can seem unconventional, but it can actually be the center of luxury and comfort.  So, before you start any new construction, here’s how a smart home could enhance…
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Benefits of Buying a Quick Move-In Home

By Alabama, Blog, Georgia
Whether you and your family want to build your dream home or just need more space, one of the more grueling processes of new construction is waiting. Thankfully, new home builders like Hughston Homes in Alabama and Georgia understand the frustrations that come with finding new construction that fits your unique needs and offer quick move-in homes for that reason.  What is a Quick Move-In Home? Quick move-in homes are homes that are either complete or are already in the process of being built. Often these homes have many names in the building industry such as quick delivery homes, inventory…
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The Benefits of a Quick Move-in Home

By Blog, Home Buying
When it comes to purchasing a new home, there are numerous factors to consider including cost, customization, time, and location.   A home purchase will likely be one of your biggest investments, and it’s important to understand the differences and advantages of every option available to you.  Among homebuyers today, one of the more popular options is the incredible convenience of a quick move-in home. What is a Quick Move-in Home? A quick move-in home has either partially or fully completed construction, and will typically be ready for you to occupy quickly after purchase.  With Hughston Homes’ quick move-in homes, you…
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